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Hapco started in 1970 as a two-man shop supplying local customers with compounded polymer alloys. Hapco began by developing and manufacturing polymer alloys and structual adhesives for all types of tooling and mold making applications. Some major applications in the early '70's were molds for unitsoles and heels, used in the shoe industry, and bonding the metal inserts in production grinding wheels. When Boston was celebrating its 300th anniversary, one of the projects was to replace the antique iron fence surrounding the Boston Common and Public Garden. Hapco was chosen to develop and produce a structural adhesive to bond the new fence, versus welding it together.

In 1975, Hapco began reacting its own unique intermediates, used in compounding, and today Hapco manufactures over 80% of its intermediates in-house. In the early 1980's, Hapco entered the electrical insulation market with Di-Pak, potting and encapsulating systems, and the Filtration and Ultrafiltration markets, with Filter-bond sealing and bonding systems. In the early 1990's, Hapco invented a new concept and began to market Liquid Molding Compounds: a fast and low cost method for low production of rubber and plastic parts. Hapco currently services over 1,000 customers.

The turn of the new century brought numerous changes to Hapco. The most significant was the completion of Hapco's System. Hapco began developing their own line of meter-mix dispensing equipment to provide one integrated source for high quality thermoset materials, reliable processing equipment, and expert technical support.